Deutsche Biographie - Open Graph

This API is currently under development. Please do not rely on in production environment. August 2017

API Description

the id like sfz123456 or sfz123814
comma separated list of ids like sfz123456,sfz123814,sfz69286
depth 1 (default) or 2 usually work, 3 is like to stop the server, 4 and more blocked
wt=gml simple pseudo-json Graph Model Language (default);
wt=graphml the gml expressed in xml
?ids=sfz69286,sfz52619,sfz27098,sfz27396,sfz52684,sfz52685,sfz27478, sfz69416,sfz11340,sfz52571,sfz69417,sfz42168,sfz42169,sfz60819,sfz69716,sfz52871, sfz60984,sfz69892,sfz69907,sfz35717,sfz57046,sfz53288,sfz53372,sfz44488,sfz53481, sfz70618,sfz58193,sfz58183,sfz58980,sfz70643, sfz74615,sfz30920,sfz76394,sfz122948,sfz74948


Since 1.9.2015 following licenses must be reviewed and respected

- articles of "Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie (ADB)", given in a div@type="adb" container: CC-BY-NC-SA attribution to "Deutsche Biographie",

- articles of "Neue Deutsche Biographie (NDB)" given in a div@type="ndb" container: CC-BY-NC-ND attribution to "Deutsche Biographie",

- basic metadata CC0.

The editorial board of the "Neue Deutsche Biographie" would like to be informed about any usage of data.