Deutsche Biographie - Open Graph

This API is currently under development. Please do not rely on in production environment. August 2017

API Description

the id like sfz123456 or sfz123814
depth 1 (default) or 2 usually work, 3 is like to stop the server, 4 and more blocked
gml simple pseudo-json Graph Model Language (default); graphml the gml expressed in xml


Since 1.9.2015 following licenses must be reviewed and respected

- articles of "Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie (ADB)", given in a div@type="adb" container: CC-BY-NC-SA attribution to "Deutsche Biographie",

- articles of "Neue Deutsche Biographie (NDB)" given in a div@type="ndb" container: CC-BY-NC-ND attribution to "Deutsche Biographie",

- basic metadata CC0.

The editorial board of the "Neue Deutsche Biographie" would like to be informed about any usage of data.