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Linked Open Data

providing access to metadata mapped to RDF

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Open Solr

formulate queries against our solr - index using lucene's query language

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Open Graph / Neo4J

Access the network of an individualor query the network with Neo4J

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Beacon Aggregator

link to relevant heritage sites by authority identifier

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Linked Open Data

Version 0.4

The metadata of all NDB/ADB articles is additionally mapped to concepts of CIDOC-CRM excpressed according to webontology standards (Erlangen OWL).

Expressiveness is restricted due to missing granularity of formally representable statements.


Version 0.3

A reformulated ontology using concepts primarily of DUL / DULCE underlies a new mapping for our metadata.

Major changes moved concepts under "" to ""; "" to "".

Dump 2017: biographies data, places

Dump 2016: biographies data, places

Owl Schema 2016

credits: Ingo Frank

User Interfaces:

Initial Version 2011/12

The Linked Open Data Interface of the Neue Deutsche Biographie was a result of the LOD2 PUBLINK activity in cooperation with the AKSW group and the group of the Neue Deutsche Biographie at the Historical Commission at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Within this project meta-data about 46,000 biographies and related 42,000 additional people and 4,000 locations has been made available as Linked Data and RDF triple. We used the vocabulary of the German National Library for the GND and adapted it by a few additional classes and relations.

Each article identified by an SFZ-number (internal ID, f.i. is linked with a RDF version of its metadata (resp. All metadata had been mapped according to the GND-vocabulary and few own concepts.

In addition to the representation in RDF, we offer a OntoWiki instance to provide the ability for browsing an querying the dataset. With the help of the Relationshipfinder tool relations between two or more persons, may visualized using this SPARQL endpoint.

credits: Martin Brümer, Thomas Riechert

Dump 2016: biographies data, places

Dump 2014: biographies data, places

Vocabulary 0.1 (Dez. 2011):


Outdated User Interfaces:

Open Solr Index

We provide free and flexible access to the index underlying the website for users willing to learn the Lucene Query Language.

Use considerately, don't try to exceed the limits.

API Description

The preliminary API connects to a Solr-based Index.

Each entry is identified by an ID. Two pattern are used sfz[A-Zo]?[0-9-]+ and gnd[0-9X-]+

Returned fields parameter fl is predefined and fixed (as of 10-2015): fl=id,defnam, defgnd, r_nam, r_bls, r_flr, bdisplay, ddisplay, bmin, bmax, dmin, dmax, r_nai, r_ndb, r_adb

fielddata type
defnam,defgnd,r_nam,r_bls,r_flr string (defnam,r_nam follow a "surname, forename" pattern if applicable)
bdisplay,ddisplay string with pattern YYYY|YYYY-MM-DD
bmin,bmax,dmin,dmax int with pattern Y?YYYMMDD, years are expanded to a range: Y?YYY0101 TO Y?YYY1231
r_ndb boolean (true|false) - has biography in NDB
r_adb boolean (true|false) - has biography in ADB
r_nai boolean (true|false) - is mentioned in ADB or NDB

Output parameter wt is not fixed and should be one of (defaults to xml): wt=xml, json, python, ruby, php, csv

Output parameter start and rows define a portion of a result

Sample Queries

Queries can be constructed following the Solr Query Syntax. The syntax is roughly the same as for Lucene.

sample queriesdescription
q=id:sfz999 returns the predefined fields for entry "sfz999"
q=id:sfz999&wt=json returns the predefined fields for entry "sfz999" in JSON
q=dmin:[1000101 TO 1200101] returns entries with dmin between 100 CE and 120 CE
q=bmax:[0 TO 17991231] AND r_ndb:true returns persons born before 1800 with article in NDB
q=bmin:[0 TO 17991231] returns persons who could have been born before 1800, be reminded of uncertain cases stating "born end 18th/beginning 19th century"

Fulltext articles

According to our licenses each result having r_ndb or r_adb set true refers to an article. Articles can be downloaded by SFZ-ID from{SFZ-ID}.xml

Open Graph / Neo4J database

The network of individual articles can be fetched in different formates and to a certain extent here. A recent example would be G. W. Leibniz.


queries against the database have to be formulated in Cypher:

Node types

the types/labels will be harmonized in the next release (2018).

a division in text, namely the headline, the genealogy, the biographical description and subsequent divisions (literature, works, decorations, portraits)
an administrative territorial division of places; inherited from Geonames or OSM
articles may contain Abschnitts and in case of families further Artikels
a volume containing articles
metadata in regard to a person
a two-layer-hierarchy of professions as seen in the advanced search form
a place

Relation types

Person -> Berufsklassifikation
Ort -> Artikel
div:Type -> Artikel, Artikel -> Artikel , Artikel -> Band, Ort -> Admin, Admin -> Admin -- places belong to administrative entities even if they are not physically contained
Person -> Person, a shortcut for Person -> OCCURS_IN Abschnitt [Leben], Abschnitt [Leben] PART_OF Artikel, (Artikel ~ Person : not modeled yet)
Person -> Person, a shortcut for Person -> OCCURS_IN Abschnitt [Genealogy], Abschnitt [Genealogy] PART_OF Artikel, (Artikel ~ Person : not modeled yet)
Person -> Person, a shortcut for Person -> OCCURS_IN Abschnitt [Genealogy], Abschnitt [Genealogy] PART_OF Artikel, (Artikel ~ Person : not modeled yet)

Sample queries

For beginners in Cypher several typical queries have been precomposed

see helper forms.

Beacon Aggregator

By consuming multiple GND-Beacon files we aggregate relevant individual links to websites related to our person's dataset.

The aggregated links can be derived from the API.

If you are interested in this service and require an individual profile please contact us.

3rd party Beacon Lists

In order to facilitate GND-Beacon based linking we tested personal records of third party websites against the authority file GND. For a preliminary list see API.


Since 1.9.2015 following licenses must be reviewed and respected

- articles of "Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie (ADB)", given in a div@type="adb" container: CC-BY-NC-SA attribution to "Deutsche Biographie",

- articles of "Neue Deutsche Biographie (NDB)" given in a div@type="ndb" container: CC-BY-NC-ND attribution to "Deutsche Biographie",

- allmetadata CC0.

The editorial board of the "Neue Deutsche Biographie" would like to be informed about any usage of data.