Deutsche Biographie - Open Solr Index

This API is currently under development. Please do not rely on in production environment. October 2015

API Description

The preliminary API connects to a Solr-based Index.

Each entry is identified by an ID. Two pattern are used sfz[A-Zo]?[0-9-]+ and gnd[0-9X-]+

Returned fields parameter fl is predefined and fixed (as of 10-2015): fl=id,defnam, defgnd, r_nam, r_bls, r_flr, bdisplay, ddisplay, bmin, bmax, dmin, dmax, r_nai, r_ndb, r_adb

fielddata type
defnam,defgnd,r_nam,r_bls,r_flr string (defnam,r_nam follow a "surname, forename" pattern if applicable)
bdisplay,ddisplay string with pattern YYYY|YYYY-MM-DD
bmin,bmax,dmin,dmax int with pattern Y?YYYMMDD, years are expanded to a range: Y?YYY0101 TO Y?YYY1231
r_ndb boolean (true|false) - has biography in NDB
r_adb boolean (true|false) - has biography in ADB
r_nai boolean (true|false) - is mentioned in ADB or NDB

Output parameter wt=(xml|json|psv) is not fixed and should be one of (defaults to xml), where wt=psv forces pipe separated output with serialised arrays.

Output parameter start defines the starting point of the result-set (default: 0) and rows define the length of a portion of a result-set (defualt: 10)

Sample Queries

Queries can be constructed following the Solr Query Syntax. The syntax is roughly the same as for Lucene.

sample queriesdescription
q=id:sfz999 returns the predefined fields for entry "sfz999"
q=id:sfz999&wt=json returns the predefined fields for entry "sfz999" in JSON
q=dmin:[1000101 TO 1200101] returns entries with dmin between 100 CE and 120 CE
q=bmax:[0 TO 17991231] AND r_ndb:true returns persons born before 1800 with article in NDB
q=bmin:[0 TO 17991231] returns persons who could have been born before 1800, be reminded of uncertain cases stating "born end 18th/beginning 19th century"
q=defnam:"Wolff, Julius" finds only exakt matches to the preferred name "Wolff, Julius"
q=r_nam:"Wolff, Julius" finds only exakt matches to the variant name "Wolff, Julius"
q=defnam:Wolff*J*&fl=defnam case sensitive search for all preferred names starting with "Wolff" and having a "J" in the right-hand part
q=r_nam:Wolf* AND r_nam:J* case-insensitive seach for variant names having a string starting with "Wolf" and a string starting with "J"
q=(r_bls:*Kaiserin* OR r_bls:*Königin*) AND dmax:[1 TO 15003112] AND r_ndb:1 AND r_sex:2 search for the strings Kaiserin and Königin in biographical headline, limit to those died before the end of 1500, with an article in NDB and of female gender

Fulltext articles

According to our licenses each result having r_ndb or r_adb set true refers to an article. Articles can be downloaded by SFZ-ID from{SFZ-ID}.xml

A short description (in german) of elements occurring in fulltext-xml.


Since 1.9.2015 following licenses must be reviewed and respected

- articles of "Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie (ADB)", given in a div@type="adb" container: CC-BY-NC-SA attribution to "Deutsche Biographie",

- articles of "Neue Deutsche Biographie (NDB)" given in a div@type="ndb" container: CC-BY-NC-ND attribution to "Deutsche Biographie",

- basic metadata CC0.

The editorial board of the "Neue Deutsche Biographie" would like to be informed about any usage of data.